"The Specialized Payroll conversion team was very patient and extremely helpful. They set me up so I can import my payroll hours directly into their system so I don't have to go through the hassle of manually entering my employee hours. The automated per payroll tax deposits and quarterly filings allow me more time to focus on my business. Finally, the online trainings to help with the first few payrolls were great and even today Specialized Payroll is still working to find other ways to make the payroll process simpler and more efficient."  -Nora

I wanted to let you know that it has been great working with your company, you have really gone out of the way to accommodate the way that we do business and we really appreciate it. -Daniel

"I greatly appreciate all of your help and understanding!  If we couldn't make this work, I'm not sure how I would keep this place going.  I am grateful for you and everyone who has helped!"  -Mandi

On my busiest days I am able to call them and they will do whatever they can to help. -Nicole

"Thanks for the wonderful job you do for us.  We are very happy we made the switch to Specialized Payroll."  -Cheryl

“I am extremely pleased with Specialized Payroll Services. They made the transition from my former payroll service to theirs very easy. I like having control over my payroll, i.e., when to enter it, when to print, which reports I want and so forth. The turn-around time from when it’s entered until I can access the info is very quick. They are always available to help if I have a problem or question. They are truly a joy to work with.”  -Cindy

“We have been using Specialized Payroll Services for a few years now and are very happy with them. We are a mid-sized landscaping company and I don’t have the time to deal with payroll myself. Luckily, SPS offers full-service to our company, taking care of everything payroll to all the filing of taxes that need to be filed.

SPS also has a great website to process our payroll. I can just log on, enter in this week’s numbers and print out all checks right from the website. This website also has all past payroll registers or reports, or tax forms I can access anytime I want or need to, which is a very nice feature.

They have saved us time and money. The owner and I always say, “Where did Cherie find the employees that work there? They are all so kind and a pleasure to work with. Great customer service form everyone that works at SPS!” We have really enjoyed working with SPS and look forward to years to come with them!”  -Amanda

Thank you so much for everything!! You guys are awesome!! -Becky