Welcome to Specialized Payroll Services!

We offer all the payroll services that a large organization offers but we do it better. We offer one of the most advanced web-based software systems in the industry, which extremely user friendly.

We are pleased to offer the most hassle-free, payroll-processing program in the industry. We have the ability to leverage off their years of industy experienece as well as their financial backing to accomplish this, so that your funds are safe and secure.

Our own local, well-trained professional staff has had many years of experience in the financial service industry, as well as processing payroll. They are superb in customer service and are looking forward to server you and your payroll needs!

We aren't limited to just payroll services

We also offer:

  • NEW Applicant Tracking
  • NEW Employee onboarding
  • NEW Scheduling
  • Workman's compensation premium administration
  • Human Resource management
  • Simple IRA Administration
  • Insurance
  • HR On-demand

Our goal is to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to convert to our system and make sure you never have to switch again.

Thank you for considering Specialized Payroll Services, LLC.

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"Our mission is to provide accurate, secure, efficient service that is flexibly tailored to our customer's needs and serviced with professional and reliable staff."